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Villa Samadhi

Kuala Lumpur




Rate valid till 31st March 2016

Crib Room with Breakfast

RM   699.00 nett

Luxe Crib Room with Breakfast

RM   835.00 nett

Sarang Room with Breakfast

RM   995.00 nett

Sarang 2 Bedrooms with Breakfast

RM 1155.00 nett

Luxe Sarang Room with Breakfast

RM 1259.00 nett

The Loft Room with Breakfast

RM 1359.00 nett

* All rates are nett quoted in RM and  INCLUDED 6% government tax & 10% service charge.
* Extra bed - RM 119.00 per unit per night with Breakfast. (not valid for Crib Room)

* Children below the age of 12 years old are not suitable.
* Child breakfast is compulsory for 3-11 years old - RM 35.00 per child per day.
* Child 11 years and below bed is free of charge but without breakfast.

* Any bookings made Crib and Luxe Rib on Fri, Sat, Eve and Public Holiday, a minimum stay of 2 nights is required.
   (only for Malaysian)

Terms & Conditions


No. 8, Jalan Madge, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Rating : villa
Check-in time - 14:00pm
Check-out time - 12:00nn



Villa Rooms

Villa Samadhi eludes from being a cookie-cutter hotel, ensuring each room bears individual character, shape and size.

Categorized into a series of differently-priced black polished-concrete rooms, they are all fitted with refined salvaged-timber floors within a spacious landscape of over-sized plunge tubs and big bathrooms, romantic balconies, walk-in closets and lounge area, and furnished with high plush beds and tech-amenities like iPod dock, DVD player, cable TV, full mini bar and a wine fridge. While some are fully-equipped with modern kitchens and private gardens, all ground-floor rooms are with room-to-water access to the hotel's large 'blue lagoon'.

Rooms are bedecked with stylish modern-Asian furniture with bursts of warm-colored upholstery in perfect contrast and compliment. Grazed by a series of hybrid lantern-chandalier, bedside or standing lamps of neo-Asian designs. By setting the right mood with changes in light, volume and angle of vision, rooms at Villa Samadhi are hence highly ambiance-centric.


Aptly named, the crib is the ideal room for those who crave a Zen getaway. Cocoon yourself and let the room recharge your batteries. Only two of these rooms are available within the villa. Succumb to the comfort of the high rise bed or soak in the sun by the window on the day bed, either way the crib will provide you with the solitude you seek to cleanse your mind.


Sarang is the home that you have never been to. There are five of these suites spread throughout the villa with one of them hosting two bedrooms. Where Sarang stands unique among its siblings is its kitchenette. With the option to dine in-room, our esteemed chefs will be more than happy to assist you with the cooking process. Sarang also comes equip with a Jacuzzi alongside rainforest style showers.

Luxe Sarang

A garden fully equipped with its own Jacuzzi welcomes you before you even step into this luxurious urban nest. There are four of these rooms available all throughout the villa. The defining feature of the Luxe Sarang besides the garden patio wherein one can laze and dine under a moon-lit sky; is its direct access to the pool. One can stroll through the room and straight into the cooling waters of our lagoon to wash the world away.

The Loft

The one and only room exceptional to this design. The Loft got its name from the pyramid-ceiling structure which encloses the bed like an attic bedroom. This 'nest' sits on the highest floor of the villa with a spectacular feature of a shallow lap pool-sized dip pool with a far-reaching view of the surrounding neighborhood, including a glimpse of the KL Twin Towers. Clearly intended to facilitate utter relaxation amid the urban drone, The Loft is the essence of contemporary comfort.


Best described as Kuala Lumpur's ultimate treat to nest in, Villa Samadhi is a villa-in-a-room residence in the capital city. One-of-a-kind in KL and tucked within an upscale locale, the villa is just 10 minutes drive from the vivacious parts of town like KLCSS and Bukit Bintang.

Discreetly hidden from street view, the most distinguishing feature of Villa Samadhi is the massive, soaring grass thatched-roof that shouts 'Malaysia'. Open the bamboo-clad gate and the surprise is over, a façade in absolute russet harmony.

Its collection of 21 contemporary Asian-inspired rooms is each with unique layout and spacious living areas spanning from 600 square-foot to over 2000 square-foot. The collage of natural elements with the prevalent use of timber, polished concrete and bamboo, creates a distinctively raw-yet-refined interior of earth tones and charcoal.

Accented by bursts of red, gold, silver or cream decor to display striking contrast, specks of exquisite Asian antiques also add a touch of old to the new. This very concept of 'yin' and 'yang' created what we labled as Samadhi's quintessential 'Rustic-Luxe' experience. 

Comfort Zones

Whether you are here to break your daily monotony or get some unadulterated rest, seek comfort in these spaces within the villa for uninterrupted peace... and simply, resign.


We love the powerful therapeutic effect of water. The wonderful feeling of stillness water evokes, somehow puts our heart at rest. Our lagoon is therefore the 'life zone' of Villa Samadhi. An inherent aesthetic nonetheless but truly THE place to spend the day... to be idle. Laze around on day beds dotted right by the water, above water. Catch some sun, take a quick dip (or as the locals call it 'mandi-mandi'), the pool is also good for some serious laps anytime of the day. 



Mandi-Mandi Restaurant

Overlooking the villas is Mandi-Mandi, our all-day dining restaurant which sits by the edge of the 'Lagoon'. Enjoy delectable undefined cuisine exclusively available to in-house guests only. 

Bumbung Bar

One can't possibly miss the eye-catching, multi-tiered grass roof structure of our rooftop bar. Bumbung, floating above all else, is a hit for sundown. Premeditated as another laid-back zone, climb up to chill out whenever you need to feel higher above ground! Also exclusively for in-house guests only.