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Similajau National Park


Miri Crocodile Farm

Tour Code : SRW/NIAH01 (Ex-Miri)
Departure :
(Duration : 10 hours)


Early transfer to Similajau in Bintulu. The drive from Miri take about 3 hrs via the new coastal highway passing thru breathtaking beaches, malay village and palm oil plantation.

This national park provides recreational ground for the people within the central region of Sarawak. It has one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Malaysia with miles of unspoiled white and golden sand and rocky beaches facing the South China Sea.

The flora consist of three main types namely; Beach, Kerangas and Mixed Dipterocarp Forest, which provide Home to various species of plants, trees and wildlife. Among the well-known plants found here are the Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longisolia) and Bintangor trees (Barringtonia Asiatica). The terrestrial fauna of the park boasts 24 Recorded species of mammals, such as gibbons, banded langurs and long-tailed macaque.

The Park records the presence of 185 species of birds, which include hornbills and migratory water birds like Storm?s Stork. A very noteworthy reptile found here is the Saltwater Crocodile. Lucky visitors may be able to sight dolphins out amongst the waves. Overnight visitors occasionally manage to witness green turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. Visitors are advised that turtles are totally protected animals and that it is an offence to disturb them or their eggs. Lunch at the park canteen or local restaurant before returning to Miri in the late evening.


Tour Code : SRW/LMB01 (Ex-Miri)
Departure : (Duration : 3 hours)


Located near Kuala Baram River Mouth (previous Ferry Terminal), a pleasant scenic Coastal drive along Miri-Kuala Baram Road from Miri will take you there in 20 minutes.The Crocodile Farm cum Mini Zoo is registered and recognised by Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. Come face to face with more than 1,000 Estuarine Crocodile (Crocodylus Porosus) and Malayan Gharial (Tomistoma Schlegelii) in a 22 acres land-scaped setting with natural breeding enclosure and perfectly man-made sanctuary ponds specially carved out for the creatures.A stroll around its perimeter allows you to safely view an amazing collection of crocodiles up close. The crocodile farm opens everyday of he year, is home to thousands of crocodiles of different species as well as other exotic animals from tropical countries. Taking an dventurous stroll through the farm, you come face to face with some exotic animals such as Southern Cassowary, Phython, Binturong, Sun Bears, Gibbon, Porcupines, a band of cheerful Monkeys, Anak Buaya and the like.The different species of foreign and domestic animals are kept in spacious cages separated from the visitors. Drop off at your hotel.


valid till 31 March 2018  
29 paxs and above  
15-28 paxs  
09-14 paxs  
04-08 paxs  
02-03 paxs  

Inclusive :
* 1 local lunch
* Return transfer Miri-National Parks

Guide fees
* Entrance fees


valid till 31 March 2018  
29 paxs and above RM 125.00
15-28 paxs RM 135.00
09-14 paxs RM 145.00
04-08 paxs RM 150.00
02-03 paxs RM 165.00
01pax RM 215.00

Inclusive :
* Transportation
* Guide
* Entrance fees