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Penang National Park


War Museum & Snake Temple

Tour Code : PE/006/PNP
(Ex-Penang National Park entrance)


08:00am - Arrive at Penang National Park entrance. The park is located in the north western corner of Penang Island. It is the only rainforest in Malaysia which is leech free !  The entrance to the park is the fishing village of Telok Bahang . The trail which starts from Teluk Tukun. Along the trail you will be able to enjoy clean cool streams, an array of flora and fauna, dominated by dipterocarps to commercial and medicinal species to ferns, palms, pitcher plants,  meromictic flora, climbers, fungi and many resident & migratory birds, monkeys, occasionally you will be able to spot the rare spiny hill tortoises, river terrapins, squirrels, etc.

10:00am - Arrive at the beautiful white sandy beach of Pantai Kerachut, you will first notice the unique meromictic lake (if  it is formed) where fresh water from the mountain streams meets with sea water.  The beach is also nesting place of the green turtles (chelonian mydas) and Olive-Ridley (lepidochelys olivacea).  You can laze around the beach, fishing at the jetty, take a dip in the meromictic lake, visit the park rangers’ turtle sanctuary, gaze at the flight of majestic white belied sea eagles around coastal forests. ( There are toilet/bathroom facility and camping ground at the beach ).

11:30am - Picnic lunch, leisure and back.

13:30pm - Arrive at Penang National Park entrance and transfer back to the hotel.



Tour Code : PEN/WMS (Ex-Penang Hotel)
Departure : Daily 09:00am OR 14:00pm
(Duration : 4 hours)


(09:00am OR 14:00pm) - Pick up at hotel lobby and visit to the Historical War Museum at Batu Maung and take a look at the amazing 100 over years Chinese Snake Temple.


War Museum - This 20 acre museum takes visitors on a journey to the past, during WWII, to observe the lifestyle of a typical British soldier and his Asian counterparts. Built around the remnants of an old British fort, it contains several installations above and below ground where old ware relics are stored. Visitors can weave thought a complex to view barracks, old cookhouses, lock-ups, tunnels and ventilation shafts. The War Museum is the first of its kind in the country and the largest in Southeast Asia.


Snake Temple - The Snake Temple was built in 1850 in memory of the Buddhist priest, Choo Sor Kong, who is said to have healing powers. Legend, however, has it that the place used to be the home of a religious man who gave shelter to poisonous snakes when they sought refuge there. After his death, the snakes remained and it became a place of worship. Also known as Temple of Azure Cloud, the serpents shrine is an extraordinary one: poisonous pit vipers busk on altars, incense burners, candlesticks, vases and tables, underfoot and overhead. Recommended for the intrepid visitors.


Day Tour  
Child 03-12 years old  

Inclusive :
* Lunch
* Guide

Note : 
* Return transfer Penang Hotel to Penang National Park Entrance, 07:00am pickup (1 hours Journey) add per adult and RM 25.00 per child.

* Must be reasonably fit and without major health   problem eg asthma, heart or lung diseases.

Please wear comfortable walking shoes,  preferably cotton T-shirt & shorts (no jeans),  bring a day pack with insect repellent, hat/cap & small bath towel and spare clothing.

Hat, cap, drinking water, sunglasses, sun block, insect repellent, binoculars (for bird watching), swimwear, raincoat or poncho, a day pack with small bath towel and spare change of clothing, camera, a pair of slippers.


Day Tour  
Child 03-12 years old  

Inclusive :
* Transportation
* Driver cum guide

Note :
* Minimum 2 persons.
* Excluded entrance fees