Turtles Watching


Fireflies Sanctuary at Sungai Ibok

Tour Code : KU004/TWC (Ex-Kuantan)


The best period to witness is from May to September, especially during high tide.

 20.00pm - Meet and transfer to Chendor Beach.

21.00pm - Arrival. Waiting for the turtle

   A yearly affair of the sea faring turtle’s return on the beaches to ray their eggs at Chendor Beach. Today these nesting rounds are monitored by the Malaysian Fishery Department with rules and regulation. 

English Name : Green Turtle
Scientific Name : Chelonia mydas
Malay Name : Penyu Agar

Description :
The green turtle, is usually olive-brown in colour - it is named for the colour of its fat. Green turtles may grow over one meter in carapace length and weigh between 135 - 270 kg.

Habitat and Ecology :
They are almost exclusively vegetarian and feed on sea grasses, algae and occasionally on sponge. In Malaysia, green turtles nest on sandy beaches of the coast and offshore islands of Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak.

00.00pm - Journey back.



Tour Code : KU005/FFI (Ex-Kuantan)


20:00pm - Drive north to Sg Ibok

 21:00pm - Visit fireflies sanctuary by the riverside. Mangrove swamp are along both side of the river, see display trees Sonneratia caseolaris (Berembang). Paddle with sampan (boat) and witness one of the nature’s wonders fireflies staring their light and developed striking synchronous flash pattern.

22:00pm - Journey back



4 persons and above RM 125.00
3 persons RM 145.00
2 persons RM 178.00
Child 03-12 years old RM   79.00

Inclusive :
* Transportation

Note : 
* Pickup Cherating additional RM20.00 per person.


4 persons and above RM 135.00
3 persons RM 149.00
2 persons RM 179.00
Child 03-12 years old RM   95.00

Inclusive :
* Transportation
* Guide

Note :
* Pickup Cherating additional RM20.00 per person.



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